City Councilmember Raul Campillo Endorses Rebecca Kanter

Updated: Feb 26

As a former prosecutor who spent years practicing law before our county judges, I know just how important it is to have experienced and thoughtful judges on the Superior Court bench. Our county judges handle issues on every topic and require deep intellect to be fair and impartial in their rulings. It is a tough job that needs smart and honest people to do it. This is why I endorse Rebecca Kanter for the Superior Court: she has served nearly her entire career in the courtroom setting representing the people of the United States, aiming for justice and fairness across many areas of law. Rebecca's passion for justice, her impeccable reputation for ethics and honesty, and her life-long public service are exactly what we need in our judges. I strongly endorse Rebecca Kanter for Superior Court judge.

Raul Campillo, San Diego City Councilmember and Former Deputy City Attorney
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